Agroberries supplies markets with the most exquisite and healthy berries available throughout the year. They are carefully produced, harvested and packed according to the needs of our clients.

Our dedication and commitment to our work of supplying complete consumer satisfaction, can be seen in every Agroberries product.


The delicious aroma of the American forests is in this uniquely flavored fruit, rich in antioxidants which fits well with a modern healthy lifestyle.


Their intense red color, great flavour and abundant juice give this fruit a unique place in an everyday diet, offering a boost in vitality that our bodies need.


With their pleasant aroma and taste, strawberries are the most well-known and widely consumed berries. They have a decent shelf-life post-harvest and innumerable uses both as fresh fruit and processed for use in confectionary and cooking.


With their intense dark color blackberries offer a high antioxidant content accompanied by a very good flavor both fresh and processed in a wide variety of drinks and desserts.