Given that our major concern is to provide safe, high-quality produce, we have focused our efforts on implementing all of the new post-harvest technologies, controls and procedures necessary for providing safe produce.

All of our processes are backed by diverse international certifications that ensure that our products meet the quality standards of the most exacting of markets.

It is a demanding challenge, therefore we have a highly qualified team for the development, execution and management, of all of the processes involved in achieving our objective of maintaining global quality standards.

To comply with the demands and analyses necessary for these certifications, Agroberries S.A. works with independent businesses that measure all of the criteria for both national and international certification standards.

All of the sorting and packing procedures at our facilities are supervised by agricultural professionals who have been trained to recognize our specifications for quality, which ensure that our products meet the standards required by each of our clients.

At present, the need for customers to be able to trace the origin of the products they consume is growing. To meet this need, we have implemented an effective system of traceability for each clamshell or box that we export.