Founding of Agroberries in Chile. From the beginning Agroberries has been an important exporter of berries both in Chile and internationally.


Beginning the process of expansion with the goal of becoming a globally recognized business. Agroberries S.A. is formed in Argentina. Currently it is the second largest exporter of berries in the country.


Planting of blueberries in Concordia, Argentina, begins.


Fundo Asque is acquired, with 75 hectares located in San José de la Mariquina, Chile.

Export of blueberries from Argentina begins.


Berry Fresh Produce LLC is acquired in the USA. It is one of the most important berry receivers and distributors in North America, with distribution operations for berries all throughout the year for both locally and internationally grown fruit from various locations.

Operations began in Mexico through Expoberries S.A. of C.V., one of most important berry exporters in Mexico, when over 50% of the company was acquired.


Planting of blueberries at the Fundo Vista Hermosa near Rio Bueno, in order to strengthen berry production in the South of Chile.


Agroberries expands its Chilean berry production through purchases and planting of farms in Cun Cun, San Jose de la Mariquina, and in El Patagual, in Coltauco.

Also, in Argentina, the Finca La Franca in Bella Vista, Corrientes, is acquired.


The Fundo La Perla, in Los Angeles, is acquired, widening the production zone in the VIII Region of Chile.

In Mexico, Agroberries’ raspberry planting begins in Jalisco.


In the USA, 110 acres of land in Oregon is acquired and planted.

In Argentina, the Finca La Concepcion, located in Concordia, is acquired.

In Chile, fields are established in Santa Laura, in Codegua.

Agroberries is consolidated as one of the principal berry exporters in the Southern Hemisphere, achieving exports of more than 10,000 tons from Chile and Argentina.


In Chile, the Fundo La Peralina, in Coltauco, is acquired, and will be planted in the spring of 2016.